15-Piece Magnetic Channel Set

$369.00 excl GST & shipping

As used in the 3-sided water wall … Turn all sorts of metal surfaces into water walls with our magnetic channel sets. Turn your carpark into a waterpark! Or use toy cars and turn your fridge into a racetrack! Our easily movable magnetic channels will stick to anything iron or steel. And if you don’t have a suitable surface, they come included with our standalone Water Walls & 3-sided Water Walls.

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Set contains:

  • 3 x 800mm open channels
  • 2 x 400mm open channels
  • 6 x 200mm open channels
  • 2 x ‘L-shaped’ closed channels
  • 2 x ‘Z-shaped’ closed channels

*** note: car not included ***
Also available as an 11-piece set.